Rumi: Mystic Music of Iran Showcase Performance, Saturday, November 1, 8:00 p.m. , Aga Khan Museum

A night of improvised Persian classical music and whirling Sama dance.This event presents a duet by internationally acclaimed master musicians, Ostad Saeed Farajpoori on kamanche, and Amir Koushkani on tar. Siavash Kaveh accompanies them on daf and Araz Nayeb Pashayee on tombak. Whirling Sufi semazan dancer, Farzad AJ, will join the musical ensemble. This performance celebrates the enduring legacy and inspiration of Rumi’s poetry and teachings, manifested in music and dance."


Practice session; Saeed farajpoori on Kamancheh,Amir Koushkani on Tar, Siavash Kaveh on Daf, Araz Nayeb Pashayee on Tombak

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