Canada Day in Harbourfront Center

Tirgan refers to an ancient festival traditionally held in the month of July – the month of ‘Tir’ in the Persian Calendar – inspiring what is currently world’s largest celebration of Iranian arts and culture, taking place biennially at Harbourfront Centrer since 2006. This multi-disciplinary showcase of Iranian arts and culture features a percussion ensemble and brass ensemble The percussion ensemble assembled for this event comprises teachers and students from Araz Percussion Studio who will perform folk music from across Iran’s various regions.Araaz Nayeb Pahashayi , Siavash Kaveh and Siavash Khaajehasani lead the group, who will perform Pashayi and Kaveh's arrangements of a variety of pieces. The percussion studio focuses on rhythmic aspects of Iranian music and offers regular lessons and rehearsals, focusing on the percussive aspects of Iranian classical, folk and Sufi rhythmic maghams/patterns. Students of the centre have performed at several cultural events in Toronto and it has received awards from organizations such as United for Parity, North York Community House , Tirgan and RBC Multicultural Festivals

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